About Course

Don Bosco International Media Academy offers a Master of Media Fine Arts in DIRECTING, SCREENWRITING, CINEMATOGRAPHY, PRODUCTION, EDITING, VISUAL EFFECTS, SOUND ENGINEERING, MUSIC COMPOSITION, E-MARKETING, VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS, and CREATIVE ADVERTISING. These two-year comprehensive degree programs are taught by experienced educators and industry professionals in small classroom settings, providing students with plenty of one- on-one instruction time. Each student is supplied with their own computer workstation equipped with the same software used by industry professionals worldwide.

• The first year is oriented towards artistic and technical studies, during which student shave the opportunity to take an overseas exposure or exchange programme with one of our partnering Universities. This is a valuable and maturing experience for students, giving them the chance to share their interests with those of different cultures – possible future collaborators who could play a big part of their future. Students also gain an understanding of how the media industry works in different countries, giving them an edge in international employment.

• Second year is dedicated to the students work on the major project of their choice. The completion of this “dream project” is done under the full guidance and tutelage of our faculty and acts as the students final examination and the main “promotional tool” which students will use to gain employment in the media field or go on to further

Semester – 1

  • Language/ Communication Skills L1
  • Screen Writing & Story Telling
  • History of Cinema L1
  • Principles of Sound
  • Film Direction
  • Principles of Editing
  • Camera – Lighting
  • Tutoring – 1
  • Project – 1

Semester – 2

  • Language/ Communication Skills L2
  • History of Cinema L2
  • Editing
  • Finding your STORY – Writing
  • Audio Postproduction Film, TV, Games
  • Overseas Exposure Programme
  • Tutoring – 2
  • Workshops

Semester – 3

  • Language/ Communication Skills L3
  • Advanced Directing
  • Philosophy and Aesthetics of Film L1
  • Editing & VFX
  • Advanced Sound Editing
  • Film Technology
  • Tutoring – 3
  • Project – 2

Semester – 4

  • Media Business Essential
  • Language/ Communication Skills L4
  • Philosophy and Aesthetics of Film L2
  • Music & Sound
  • Postproduction
  • Corporate Communication and PR
  • Tutoring – 4
  • Final Year Thesis Project

Total credits for 2-years programme : 120

At DBIMA we not only focus on technical studies in order to obtain a degree but also on the artistic. We teach students to follow their vision with equal parts know-how, passion and tenacity.